Who am I then?
Am I what I think? Am I what I feel? Am I what I need? Am I what I want?

Not easy to find simple answers. To be human is a privilege just because we grow out of that confused state of mind. Being who we are is not automatically achieved. We all start distant to our true essence and rejecting part of our possibilities. At the start its feel like we are not fully part. Wild life-energy is out there It feels like we need to protect, to build walls around us. We all share fear to live and fear not to live to the full.

It makes our journey worthwhile. Step by step integrating, opening, surrendering, learning, facing our fears, getting more conscious, changing our attitude, …

Who am I then?

I am a man. Learning about what it is to be human, what it is to be me related to others. Learning about respect and wild life-energy in me.
I am my journey.