When we work with clients as a coach, therapist, counselor or facilitator we need as much presence and awareness as possible – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually -. The more we can manage to be in balance and grounded in these realms, the more we will be able to stay free and available for the process of our clients. Therefor it’s necessary to confront our deepest layers and fears and to transform our blind spots and open needs.

Clients come to us in the hope to heal something they can’t get grip on alone. Often they project what is out-of-balance in the relationship with their parents – the first persons in their life with authority -, on us. This is part of what we work with. Consciousness about these dynamics and the effect on ourselves, will boost our own wellbeing and the process of our clients.

Presence – grounded and in balance emotionally, mentally, spiritually and bodily – is our biggest support and can be taught. If we deepen the understanding of what perception and human transformation can be, we will discover new resources and solutions.

Welcome to part 1 of the TRAINING IN TRANSPERSONAL COACHING according to the reconstructive model, starting on October 3 – certificated –

Online preparative part with Bart De Coninck & Carola Castillo

Part 2 of this training will be interactive and face-to-face. It will be organized in 2021 as soon the COVID-measures allow it.