A MAN AND HIS TRIBE – training program for men

“Man, know yourself and you will know the universe”

We invite men, who want to deepen their understanding of themselves and manhood, an occasion to enhance awareness, as an individual and collectively.

This training program focuses on the understanding of one self as a man. We use tools in order to increase self-worth and inner strength. We learn new skills to increase action and to create community based on fraternity, the male tribe.


What do we aim?

We offer tools supporting education and transformation in men, which can be passed on to other men.
We enhance understanding and discernment of men as an individual and as a man.
We motivate men to transmit this information through their network and activities and generate in this way more space for fraternity between men.



Because there are beliefs deeply rooted in our behavior and programming as a man, which can be invited for a change of perspective


For what?

To generate more awareness and consciousness in men who are on a journey seeking more realization.

To create tools which support men in their personal processes.

To explore new possibilities for growth and transformation with an individual and collective impact.

Sat April 17, April 24 & May !, 2021


ZOOM Online platform


€ 115 (ex vat)

for Whom:


  • Older than 18
  • Who want to understand and know themselves more profoundly as a man, as a partner, as a father or as a son
  • Who look for more self-worth and acknowledgment of male values
  • Who look for a change in perception in what ‘being a man’ could mean
  • Who want to learn about leadership and dynamics in predominantly male communities
  • Who work with men or would like to work more with men as helper of guide of whatever kind, and want to broaden their skills.


10.00 - 13.00 CET


Reconstructive School Belgium

Good to know:

No previous education is demanded. Every man with interest to learn is welcome. Basic skills of the use of ZOOM and a private place are required.


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