RECONSTRUCTIVE – workshop ‘Brave Men’

A Hero’s Journey – Unapologetically Masculine

For some men the path to become unapologetically masculine without veering off into the dark recesses of the narcissist, masochist or superiority riddled man, will be through the reclamation of healing.

What most men are carrying is not toxic masculinity but toxic shame or trauma, handed out through the generations.

Men are remembering an ancient wisdom that to be masculine is also to be a stand for equity, respect, reverence and honoring the feminine as equally essential.

All of this requires a man to be reconcile with his demons. With the demons of his father, his own personal ‘sins’, abuse, trauma, neglect and shame.

Until we change the way we approach this shame, we will continue to drive it deep into the hearts and shadows of men, adding to the well of pain they are carrying.

Reconstructive is a new methodology embodying the strength to support this process. What is not stored in our memory tends to feel weird, unreal, unknown. Though it forms the basis for intelligence, common sense and the quest for more.

Reconstructive touches this realm, beyond memories, beyond the known, beyond the learned. We go further, in a responsible, respecting way with clear boundaries, further than our daily reality, further into consciousness.

Only in dark one can see light.

Sat Oct 2 and 3


Centrum Het Midden

2390 Malle (Belgium)


€ 300 ( € 52,07 vat, 2 lunches and coffee-breaks are included in this price)

for Whom:

All men willing to experience this method in a community of men, are welcome



10.00 - 18.00 CET


Reconstructive School Belgium

Good to know:

No previous education is demanded. Every man with interest to learn is welcome. This workshop will be facilitated in Dutch. Translation into English will be provided.


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