We live in cosy time, wrapped in illusions of safety and control. This means that our individual and collective control tendencies automatically receive a lot of space without us having to face the underlying fears. We are not aware that more control does not mean more life, quite the opposite. Life is by definition uncontrollable, wild and unpredictable. Life invites to be lived. Are we not all looking to experience life to the full?

If fear needs to turn into courage, those fears need to be addressed.

Sometimes fears are ignored, dismissed, dramatized, or hidden….. Honesty is often the most difficult choice.

What is your greatest fear as a man?
·      Is it that you may be unkind?
·      That you are “no good”?
·      That you are selfish?
·      To soft or to cruel?
·      That you are deviant?

There is a need for inner strength, a willingness to face the storm and the awareness that the work lies within ourselves. If we allow ourselves to be lived, nothing will develop within us. If we want to generate courage and live more, we will have to leave the comfort zone. It is that simple …