“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”.                       – Gregory Bateson –

One of the most useful things we can learn as a human is that our way of thinking and feeling is somehow limiting us. It limits the expression of life in us.

All the learned – conscious and unconscious material as the result of our experiences in our family, culture, religion, education – acts as an armor. The initial function of this armor was to protect us against the overwhelming power of life. This is a universal characteristic of human kind.

As adults this armor limits our sense of freedom, our full participation in life and our development. The more rigid our thinking and feeling is in terms of morality, justice, religion, society, etc the less power we embody. Our human body is only a structure allowing more or less energy.

If we want to develop the adult in us we need to deconstruct this armor. Deconstruction is about acknowledging and transforming. It needs courage, strength and compassion.

We are not responsible for the armor we are born in – for all the learned in our family, culture, education and religion -. But we are fully responsible for the transformation of this armor.