We are looking to give ourselves value and respect. And this is sometimes complicated, because the choices we make and what we do, seem not always dignifying: patrons, repetition, hesitation, confusion, conflict, …

We might forget that the journey is the most important.  And our journey is often more heroic than we realize. Our willingness to learn, to continue, to carry on, to fall and to stand up, … One step leads to the following, to the following … To try, to open up, to learn, …  is what it is about. Not the result or final outcome in the first place.

·      My journey as source of joy

·      My journey as reason to be

·      My journey as embodiment of growth and life

·      My journey as soulmate, as companion

·      My journey as expression of beauty

·      My journey as my deepest love

And how is your Journey going?