Our child perception is fragmentary. This means that we learned to focus only on a small part of the complex reality we were confronted to. So we saw our family and all members – ourselves included. – only out of one specific angle. This specific perception – the automatic angle from where we look and perceive reality – will be the blueprint we take with us in adult life. For some time we will use it as an excuse for not taking the steps we would like to take.

Whatever learning process will lead us to broaden this view and to become aware of unconscious aspects of life – ourselves, our family members and the people we relate to -.

Throughout this process we see and feel the resources in our past, in the child we were with its perception – whatever it was -, in our broader family history, in our personal history with all its battles, …

Consciousness transforms whatever burden into something resourceful and efficient, not only for ourselves but for our communities and the world.