Sometimes as we grow older we tend to think life should get easier and easier. And on a certain level it does. Once I tasted the smell of real freedom it gets easier and easier to free myself.

On an other level the biggest joy and freedom in life is to devote to what’s bigger than me, to what I can’t controle or fully understand.

When a new challenge is announcing itself, we tend to ask ourselves “what will I get out of it?” “What will be in it for me?”. But maybe far better questions are “what would be amazing to give?” “what do I have to contribute?”

True freedom is about confronting that fear. And although one might never have a good realistic picture of what he has to offer in future times – it’s always easier to see it from the outside – it starts with believing in myself, loving myself and giving myself an other amazing opportunity to experience and to learn.

And one thing is for sure. All the challenges I took in the past gave me myself – piece by piece a clearer and lovable image -. So why would this challenge be different?