Saturday-evening Carola Castillo and I closed the worldwide free webinar-tour of our school with an English webinar, the 5th in the row after two Spanish webinars, a Brazilian one and a Dutch one.

It was an amazing joyful experience. To be able to open up towards so many interested participants and speak about our journey with our beautiful method and about RIIHS, our community, touched me deeply. An unexpected gift from the pandemia, that stopped us in a certain level but activated us in another.

We surprised ourselves with what we said. One sentence stayed with me since then: “Ultimate freedom is about taking responsibility for who you are and for what is happening to you”.

The 50 % we need to invest is about finding resources in all that happening to us. And then ‘energy’ will deliver the other 50.

This is the essence of what Reconstructive is about, of what RIIHS, our community, is about.

Simple, clear & effective. Building structures, sowing, spreading, … for what is coming, for what is waiting for us.

Did you miss the webinars?
Or do you want to listen a second time?
In a few days all five will be available on our youtube-channels, social media  and websites.