Reconstructive is the main methodology of the workshops facilitated by Bart.

It is a new methodology created by Carola Castillo from Venezuela. It’s born out of the interconnectedness within shamanic experiences, ceremonies with sacred plants, family constellations and energy work from the Shaolin Wahnam institute. It’s basically a group dynamic within the transpersonal realm.

We are all subject to our perception. This is all information stored in our memory, all we learned since early childhood, translated into something automatic and rigid. The rigidity of our perception explains why we sometimes feel threatened by others, and react the way we do. Our programs try to defend us but leave no space for evolution of the truer part in us.

In relationship to our partner, to our children and colleagues we often needed to reinforce this automatic behavior. We left easily the truthful and authentic aside.
This frustration and fight mode can be seen as a conflict within ourselves. Until we reach certain limits and allow ourselves to get in touch with more profound layers. Then we can feel what has been kept hidden or silent in our shadow. Reconstructive facilitates this process.

In his workshops Bart will introduce us into this new methodology and guide us into experiencing it.

The are workshops for a mixed audience and for men only. To see the dates and places of the different workshops, click here