Reconstructive is a new methodology created by Carola Castillo from Venezuela.

Our internal voice is only a piece of data from all accumulated knowledge inside us.

In a very large percentage, we deal with our decisions from the ideas and concepts that we constructed in our well-kept memories. In this way, we feel inclined or against a lot of what happens to us. We are deprived in a 95% to know who we are, owed to the memories and the survival.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is something sacred, an intelligence that lives in each of us and is not trapped by the memories. For the rest, we are only memories.

What is not stored in our memory tends to feel weird, unreal, unknown. Though it forms the basis for intelligence, common sense and the quest for more.

Reconstructive touches this realm, beyond memories, beyond the known, beyond the learned. We go further, in a responsible, respecting way with clear boundaries, further than our daily reality, further into consciousness.

In his workshops Bart will introduce us into this new methodology and guide us into experiencing it.

The are workshops for a mixed audience and for men only. To see the dates and places of the different workshops, click here