October 18, 2020

When we allow ourselves to have a deeper look inside ourselves we find far more hidden NO’s than expected. We need a partner, work, friends, colleagues, … But at the same time the automatic reflex to protect ourselves and hide is strong. So the messages are confusing – inside messages and what we communicate outside […]



August 18, 2020

Consciousness is Relationship is Matter is not These are amazing words of Ervin Lazlo. It has been an unbelievable privilege to learn about what reconstructive is about the last 7 years. I learned most as a facilitator, facilitating my groups again and again, participating at trainings again and again, not so much in books. Looking […]



August 2, 2020

Saturday-evening Carola Castillo and I closed the worldwide free webinar-tour of our school with an English webinar, the 5th in the row after two Spanish webinars, a Brazilian one and a Dutch one. It was an amazing joyful experience. To be able to open up towards so many interested participants and speak about our journey […]



June 27, 2020

Sometimes as we grow older we tend to think life should get easier and easier. And on a certain level it does. Once I tasted the smell of real freedom it gets easier and easier to free myself. On an other level the biggest joy and freedom in life is to devote to what’s bigger […]