It is tempting to renounce. Saying NO is easier than saying YES. In the first place to ourselves.

We are so used to hide, in the first place from ourselves. Our biggest hiding strategy is behind our opinions. Behind the fuss we make – inside our thoughts and out there, in the opinions we bring out  -. Politics, society, planet,… all offer excellent excuses.

We live in the illusion that if everybody was like us, the world would be a better place. We hardly realize how misleading our opinions are. They give us the illusion of participation in the world, but all they really do is keeping us away from participation. An opinion doesn’t create change – not inside ourselves, not out there -. Actions do. Investments do. New structures do.

This renouncement is how we get tired. We feel bad about what is happening in the world, about how others act and react. Underneath we feel tired about ourselves.

In crisis we need compassion, courage and strength to keep our head as clear as possible and our emotions as balanced as possible. This will make a YES easier.