Beyond the measurable (Eng) Mini-documentary

“Beyond the measurable” is a mini documentary about ‘Reconstructives’, a new tool for the development of consciousness. Carola Castillo from Venezuela created this method. It’s intuitive, instinctive and interactive bodywork, and therefor an intense and effective method to gain insight in your patrons, and to transform. ‘Beyond the measurable’ gives you a first glimpse of this powerful tool.

Hilde De Windt ( ° Brussels 1961) is a storyteller, who works with visuals, words and sound.
People and humanity fascinate her, especially their cultural identity and history, and she has a special interest for our search to find balance in life between the rational and the intuition, between the known and the unknown.
As a student of the Reconstructive School, she wanted to tell the story of reconstructive visually, something that had not been done before.
She committed her experience as a journalist, photographer and writer to make this mini documentary.
Hilde works as a journalist and videoreporter at the Belgian TV & Radio Broadcaster VRT.
She’s a passionate photographer and a world music lover.