Violence fascinates me. Of course everyone’s definition of violence is different. That’s where we already might loose one another. But I really like the idea of all humans being equally violent deep inside, in our instinctive essence. The only difference is how we show and hide it to the world.

Denying what enrages me out of a necessity to feel myself superior – ‘I am nonviolent’ -, takes away the opportunity to learn about myself, about what really matters to me and I couldn’t embrace until now. And yes, maybe about my demons, locked up far away in my subconscious because I learned a long time ago how to be a good boy.

If we try to deny our anger and violence it comes out in the bitterness of our words and judgments.

We live in interesting times. A lot of fear, leading to more anger, reactivity, and judgment. We have the choice. Can we face our demons and look in our heart? Or do we want to go on in an endless race pointing to others?